Review Guidelines

We've decided that one of the best ways for you, our customers to both share your game play experiences and to learn about new games you haven't tried yet, is to invite you to leave comments---to write reviews, if you will---and in turn read and perhaps comment on those left by others. We hope this will be fun and informative and we thank you in advance for your involvement!

The following guidelines will help make the reviews fun and useful for everyone.

  1. Review the game---not the manufacturer, creator or designer. The game specific information is much more useful to your fellow players. Of course, mentioning other games with similar characteristics, making comparisons and/or noting contrasts with other games is fine.

  2. Refrain from using foul language or making remarks that are mean or spiteful. Remember the old adage: "plays well with others." 

  3. Refrain from discussing prices, availability or alternate sources. Such comments can be made to us privately, if necessary, but should not be included in your review.

  4. Refrain from including email addresses, URLs, phone numbers and any other private information. Such inclusions will be removed prior to posting of the review.

  5. Since the website content and in fact, each page itself is subject to constant change, please avoid any comments regarding what else is seen on the page. What seems to make sense today, may be completely confusing tomorrow.

  6. Please do not submit multiple reviews of the same game--no matter how much you like or dislike the game. The submission of multiple reviews for the purpose of attempting to falsely skew the average review score for a game will simple not be tolerated.

  7. Please---post only your own thoughts and words. Do not copy and paste reviews from other sources, the back of a box, etc. Respect the copyrights of others. Plagiarism is a serious offense.

  8. At this time, we can only accept reviews written in English.

In summary, please note:

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