1. playing cards, traditionally a pack of 78 with five suits, used for fortune-telling and (especially in Europe) in certain games. The suits are typically swords, cups, coins (or pentacles), batons (or wands), and a permanent suit of trump.
    • a card game played with tarot cards.
    • a tarot card.
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Imperial Dragon Oracle
Find strength and insight in the Imperial Dragon Oracle, and let it guide you on your spiritual path..
Impressionists Tarot Deck
Inspired by one of the most important—and visually stunning—art movements of all time, this tarot de..
Instant Tarot, your complete guide to reading the cards by Farber & Zerner
Read tarot card predictions within minutes with the Instant Tarot! The authors unique Instant Tarot ..
Introduction to Tarot
A comprehensive guide to learning about the tarot offering detailed explanations of the both the Rid..
Joie de Vivre Tarot
Popular tarot artist Paulina Cassidy has filled both the Minor and Major Arcana with charming new ch..
Law of Attraction Tarot Deck & Book
Including a 78 card deck and a full-color companion guidebook, the Law of Attraction deck and book s..
Learning Lenormand: Traditional Fortune Telling for Modern Life
Paperback: 312 pages Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (May 8, 2013) Language: English ..
Learning Tarot Reversals
Think of the last time you did a tarot reading or had one. How many of the cards were reversed? Clos..
Learning the Tarot for Beginners
Learning the Tarot is a complete course on how to use the tarot cards for personal guidance. The 19 ..
Legacy of the Divine Tarot Deck & Book
Rich with its own story and symbolism, the Legacy of the Divine Tarot is a Rider-Waite-Smith based T..
Legend Tarot Deck: The Arthurian Tarot
The legend of King Arthur and Camelot has become so popular over the ages that its archetypal charac..
Les Vampires
Ancient Wisdom and Healing Messages from the Children of the Night A stunning deck designed for tho..
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot
Llewellyn’s Complete Book of CorrespondencComprehensive and easy to use, Llewellyn’s Complete Book o..
Lord of the Rings Tarot & Book Set
ISBN 978-1-57281-055-6 Size Box measures 4-5/8" x 7" ; Cards measure 2-3/4" x 4-3/4" ; Spre..
Lost Code of Tarot (Limited Edition)
Limited edition boxed kit: Enter a parallel world where tarot comes to life. Designed by artist Andr..
Magical Times Empowerment Cards
ISBN 978-1-57281-723-4 Size Cards measure 3.5" x 5.25" Author Jody Bergsma Artist J..
Marseille Cat Tarot
Some decks whisper. Some decks shout. This deck meows. The Marseille deck--one of the original Tarot..
Marseille Tarot Grand Trumps
The new large-size Grand Trumps edition of an eminent and historic tarot packaged in a hard box! Use..
Maybe Lenormand
Maybe Lenormand honors the Lenormand tradition with stylized illustrations that convey the core mean..
Medicine Cards Set
Discover the powerful divination system based on ancient Native America teachings and traditions. ..
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