1. playing cards, traditionally a pack of 78 with five suits, used for fortune-telling and (especially in Europe) in certain games. The suits are typically swords, cups, coins (or pentacles), batons (or wands), and a permanent suit of trump.
    • a card game played with tarot cards.
    • a tarot card.
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Tarot for Magical Times Book
SKU BK230 ISBN 978-1-57281-720-3 Size 5.45" x 8.37" Aut..
$17.95 $11.00
Tarot Illuminati Deck & Book
A profound quest for enlightenment drives us to grow, overcome challenges, and reach our full potent..
Tarot Made Easy
With the right guidance, the wisdom of the tarot is available to everyone. This kit provides everyth..
Tarot of a Moon Garden
Tarot of a Moon Garden delivers its arcane secrets on the wings of dragonflies, butterflies, angel..
Tarot of Dreams
Ciro Marchetti reimagines tarot by presenting vivid dream images that map out a fascinating journey..
Tarot of Marseille Grand Trumps
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Tcr Crds B edition (January, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10:..
Tarot of Marseille Mini
This reproduction of Claude Burdel's eighteenth-century tarot is now available in a popular miniatur..
Tarot of Pagan Cats
By:    Lo Scarabeo Imprint:    Llewellyn Specs:    Boxed Deck | 9780738726700 English | 3 x 5 x..
Tarot of the Gnomes
Open the door to the fantastic and amusing world of the Gnomes. Follow Sichen, a foolish gnome, in h..
Tarot of the Renaissance
From Shakespeare to Leonardo da Vinci, from Louis the Sun King to Queen Elizabeth, the Renaissance w..
Tarot of the Sacred Feminine
Blending elegant images of the divine feminine with the symbols of the world's great spiritual tradi..
Tarot Santa Muerte Limited Edition
In order to celebrate the thirty year anniversary of Lo Scarabeo, this is a limited and numbered col..
Tarot Secrets: A Fast and Easy Way to Learn a Powerful Ancient Art
Paperback: 160 pages Publisher: Sterling  Language: English ISBN-10: 1402770863 ISBN-13: 978-1..
Tarot Sola Busca
One of the oldest tarot decks ever created, the Tarot Sola Busca is known for its alchemical symboli..
Tarot Spreads
Tarot Spreads presents techniques usually found only in workshops, plus nearly seventy different the..
The Celtic Dragon Tarot Kit
Cards: 216 pages Publisher: Llewellyn Publications Language: English ISBN-10: 1567181821 ISBN-..
The Dark Grimoire Tarot
Summary:  As dark and mysterious as the mythic world created by H. P. Lovecraft, the Dark Grimo..
The Encyclopedia of Superstitions
Have you ever rubbed a frog on your freckles? Trivia fans and fun fact fanatics will adore this fa..
The Faery Forest Oracle
Enter a realm where the ancient ones dwell, whose guidance is needed now more than ever before. Let ..
The Fairy Ring: An Oracle of the Fairy Folk
The Oracle for Lovers of the Fairy Folk Combine astounding, photorealistic images with breathtaking..
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