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    a small cube with each side having a different number of spots on it, ranging from one to six, thrown and used in gambling and other games involving chance.
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Carcassonne: The Dice Game
As part of the tenth anniversary celebrations for the Spiel des Jahres winning Carcassonne, publishe..
Dice: 16mm Wood
Dice: 18mm "Bone"
Dice Bones are made to look "as if" they were carved from an animal bone from long ago. They measure..
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Dice: 18mm Wood
Dice: 30mm Wood
Rounded Corner 30 MM Sold Singly ..
Dice: Ancient
Dice with "bulls-eye" markings as pips date back to ancient Rome, and have been found in archeolog..
Dice: Crown & Anchor Tube
This old British pub game involves rolling the special Crown and Anchor dice (which show Hearts, Anc..
Dice: Dragon
This fantastic, historically inspired dice is in the shape of a dragon that has been compressed into..
Dice: Handcrafted by Cap'n Lattimer
Dice: Knucklebones
Early dice were often made from sheep's bones. Point values were assigned to the four long sides; ..
Dice: Left, Center, Right Tube
Left, Center or Right -- Dont lose your chips! The exciting game that everyones getting hooked on. S..
Dice: Metallic Finish
16mm dice with metallic finish Available in: Aluminum Copper Gold Silver ..
Dice: Ship, Cap'n, Crew Tube
Ship, Captain & Crew will have you setting sail for dice-rolling fun. The game tube contains 5 ..
Morgan's Revenge
MORGAN'S REVENGE comes complete with authentic replicas of gold doubloons and silver pieces of eight..
Put & Take: Brass-Coloured Pewter
UMD Tin (Up, Middle, Down Game)
The last player with chips wins!  Luck of the die will tell you where to pass your chips!  For 3..
Crown and Anchor
Crown and Anchor is a pure betting game involving 3 dice with symbols on them: Heart, Club, Dia..
Dice Stack
Pile up your points! Roll the wacky dice and then carefully stack them up in numerical order. Stop ..
Dice: 10-Set Tube - Blue/White
Polyhedral 10-Die Set This set contains one d20, one d12, two d10 (00-90 and 0-9), one d8, four d6, ..
Dice: 10-Set Tube - Granite
Polyhedral 10-Die Set This set contains one d20, one d12, two d10 (00-90 and 0-9), one d8, four d6, ..
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