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Grimtooth's Traps Ate (1st Printing)
Condition: Very Good Description: Sticker blemish on back cover Still another 100 precarious pitfall..
Grimtooth's Traps Bazaar: 101 Items of Misfortune
Grimtooth and Co have just opened the Traps Bazaar, stocked with 101+ magical, technological, posses..
Grimtooth's Traps: A Game-Master's Aid for All Role-Playing Systems (1st Printing)
Condition: Very GoodDescription: Sticker blemish on rear cover. Name inked on front pageFrom rear co..
GURPS Basic Set (3rd Edition)
Condition: NewGURPS, the Generic Universal Role System, is the most flexible roleplaying system you ..
GURPS Basic Set (3rd Edition, Revised)
Condition: Good Description: "Store Copy" stamped on top and side edge. Sticker blemish on back cove..
GURPS Magic Items
Condition: Very FineDescription: Sticker blemish on back cover.In the Chest You Find . . . Enchante..
Condition: NewEnter the world of Hahlmabrea, where culture dictates behavior and the Council of Hahl..
Harn Player: A Player's Guide to HarnWorld
Condition: NewHarnPlayer is comprised of three parts. The first part, Harnview, is an overview of th..
Harn Regional Module (HarnWorld) [BOX SET]
Condition: Very Good Description: Box shows shelf wear and corner damage. All booklets present. Map ..
Haunted Ruins of the Dunlendings (MERP)
Condition: GoodDescription: Shelf wear, spine stress and corner bends/dingsThree low-to-mid level ad..
Haven Secrets of the Labyrinth
Condition: VFDescription: Minor shelf wear and some spine stress"In this second volume of the HAVEN ..
Havens of Gondor (MERP #3300)
HAVENS OF GONDOR includes: 5 FULL-COLOR PAGES: a beautiful 2 page area map of the Belfalas region of..
High Fantasy
Condition: GoodDescription: Spine stress, slight corner creases with slightly yellowing pages.The Ul..
High Seas
Condition: New Description: Original packaging High Seas In High Seas each player commands a pirate ..
Hillmen of the Trollshaws (Middle Earth Role Playing, MERP #8040)
HILLMEN of the Trollshaws details the lands of western RHUDAUR. Adventure in the rocky highlands nea..
IFGS Fantasy Rules (The IFGS Handbook : v1)
Condition: NewRules for live-scale, live-action roleplaying fantasy games. The system includes eight..
Imaginary Real Estate: Dark Dungeons II
Condition: Very Good Description: Minor damage to folder flap NEWLY EXCAVATED Six levels of clandest..
Imaginary Real Estate: The Castle of Entropy
ARCHITECTURAL MAGIC! This lovely one-bedroom, 140-laboratory hideaway features the privacy you crave..
Imaginary Real Estate: The Fortress
Condition: New MAKE YOUR HOME YOUR CASTLE! Triangular-design castle features enclosed yard, finished..
Imaginary Real Estate: The Inland Town (Medieval Town #1)
Condition: Very Good Description: Folder flap has minor damage Riverfront Property Looking for a nic..
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