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A History of Fortification from 3000 BC to Ad 1700
The necessity to defend territory from strong points has been a fact of life since mankind first set..
Agincourt 1415
On St Crispin's Day, 25 October 1415, Henry V's English army crushed the French in the most famous b..
Barnet - 1471: Death of the Kingmaker (Battleground Wars of the Roses)
On 14 April 1471 the forces of Lancaster under the Earl of Warwick and those of York under Edward IV..
Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses
MERCENARIES AND THEIR MASTERS: Warfare in Renaissance Italy
Michael Mallett's classic study of Renaissance warfare in Italy is as relevant today as it was when ..
Sieges of the Middle Ages (Pen and Sword Military Classics)
In the Middle Ages the castle was an important military and administrative center, essentially utili..
The Anglo-Saxons at War
In the time of the great Anglo-Saxon kings like Alfred and Athelstan, Æthelred and Edmund Ironside,..
Warfare In The Medieval World
Warfare in the Medieval World explores how civilizations and cultures made war on the battlefields o..
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