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Alexander the Great: His Armies and Campaigns 334-323 BC (Special Editions (Military))
Upon the assassination of his father King Philip II in the summer of 336 BC - while making plans for..
Armies of Medieval Burgundy 1364-1477 (Men at Arms Series, 144)
King John the Good of France was captured by the English at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356; his 14-y..
Henry VIII's Army (Men-At-Arms Series, 191)
Military affairs occupied a very significant place during Henry VIII's reign, with English armies se..
Knights at Tournament (Elite)
Like all warrior classes throughout history medieval knights engaged in military games, partly in pr..
Landsknechts (Men-At-Arms Series, 58)
The Landsknechts were German mercenaries who served during the reigns of Maximilian I and Charles V ..
Medieval Heraldry (Men-at-Arms)
Coats of arms were at first used only by kings and princes, then by their great nobles, but by the m..
Renaissance War Galley 1470-1590 (New Vanguard)
For most of the Renaissance period, naval warfare in the Mediterranean was dominated by the war gall..
Russian Fortresses 1480-1682
In 1462 the throne of the Principality of Moscow passed to the Ivan III (1462-1505), who succeeded i..
Spanish Galleon 1530-1690 (New Vanguard)
During the middle decade of the 16th century a new type of sailing vessel emerged, designed to carry..
The Armies of Agincourt (Men-at-Arms Series 113)
Henry V became King of England in 1413. He was one of the great warrior kings of the country, cast i..
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