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Adventures in the Yin-Sloth Jungles (Palladium RPG, Book 7)
Condition: New The infamous Yin-Sloth jungles are finally mapped and described. This tome is filled ..
After the Bomb
Condition: New After a long and painful nuclear winter, the last bastions of human civilization cra..
Beyond the Supernatural
Condition: FineDescription: Name written inside front cover (indelible ink)A roleplaying game of con..
Boxed Nightmares (Beyond the Supernatural)
Condition: NewThe content of this book deals with adventures into the world of the supernatural. An ..
Island at the Edge of the World (Palladium RPG, Book Six)
Condition: NewNever before revealed history of the Palladium World revealed. A must have adventure s..
Monsters and Animals (Palladium Fantasy RPG)
Condition: FineDescription: Slight corner bending. Name on inner cover. Some cover wrinkles.Contains..
$14.95 $14.00
Mutants in Orbit (Rifts/After the Bomb)
Condition: As NewDescription: Sight price sticker blemish on back coverBook by Siembieda, Kevin, Wal..
Rifts Sourcebook 1 (1st Printing)
Condition: As NewThe Rifts Sourcebook One gives the reader more of everything! More data on the Coal..
Rifts World Book 1: Vampire Kingdoms (1st Printing)
Condition: As NewThis sourcebooks covers the Vampire race and Vampire as characters. New Techno wiza..
The Palladium Book of Weapons and Assassins (3rd Edition)
Condition: GoodDescription: Cover and page yellowing. Some minor spine stress.Assassin societies suc..
The Palladium RPG Book II: Old Ones (Fantasy Adventure, No 2) (4th Printing)
Condition: As NewThe Old Ones contains the maps and descriptions of 34 major communities in and arou..
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