Afterwars Role Playing in a Post WWIII America

Afterwars Role Playing in a Post WWIII America
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Author: Michael Alyn Pondsmith
Publisher: R. Talsorian Games, Inc.
Series: Steam Age ®
Publication date:1994
Perfect Bound Soft Cover
Page Count: 224

Out of the radioactive cloud thundered the four horseman of the apocalypse. War astride his great red horse, followed by Pestilence. Then rode Conquest upon the technohorse, and finally the skeleton of Death. These four rode across the world, shaping its future after the bombs fell. The war was over, now only the fighting was left. You are a survivor. Now it is time for you to start putting it all back together again. You must beat back scavenger gangs and rads. Then defeat the mutants and others to explore the universe joints. It's time for you to start carving out a better world.

The future depends on you.


  • A straightforward combat system
  • Detailed character generation system
  • Flexible rules
  • Universe Joints
  • A rich background
  • A detailed listing of weapons, vehicles, and equipment

This is a stand alone,  one off game and system.

Condition As New. 

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